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Your Under the Dryer (UTD) team enjoyed a recent Friday afternoon with back-to-schoolers at Pickney Pampering, located upstairs the Mall Plaza. Times have certainly changed but, truth be told, not by much when it comes to getting the little ones ready for school. Back in the day there was PJ’s on Balmoral Avenue; today it’s all about Pickney Pampering, a one-stop beauty salon owned and operated by Danielia McLean that opened its doors to the public on August 10, 2018.

Pickney Pampering was born out of a personal need,” shared McLean. “My daughter is blessed with a beautiful crown of hair, so every week she would be at a salon getting her hair done. Unfortunately, the conversations oftentimes heard at salons make for a not-so-child-conducive environment. It was the same when taking my son to the barber. So, I wanted to create a salon that is not only parent-approved but, more importantly, child-certified. To ensure that I ticked all the boxes for a ‘cool’ children’s salon, my son and daughter’s input was integral. They gave me a lot of the ideas such as the reading corner and photo wall.” Reason enough, we reckon, and little surprise that the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. “Parents love that it’s an exclusive space for children and tweens. They are especially happy that our stylists and barbers are trained to care for children who can sometimes be fussy or fall asleep. As for the children, they love it! I had one parent whose son asked her to return the day after his appointment. Feedback like that lets me know that I’m on the right path,” McLean continued.

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Menu offerings at Pickney Pampering include hair care services including braids, cornrows, wash, trims, hair treatments, as well as manicures and pedicures. The company also offers salon parties, which have been a big hit with the little girls.

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McLean, who admits to still being in the growing phase, is working on customer retention and building loyalty. She does, however, have her eyes set on expansion. “I want to expand into a complete kid’s centre including extra-curricular activities, tutoring and homework services,” she told UTD .

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Nice concept! Your UTD team eagerly awaits phase two.

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