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Awards to mark NAPA’s 10th anniversary

Awards to mark NAPA’s 10th anniversary

Community Development, Culture and Arts Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly says that the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) has contributed significantly to the cultural landscape over its brief existence.

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NAPA is in a class of its own, versatile, lasting and much sought after,” she said while delivering the feature address on Saturday at an awards ceremony to mark the academy’s tenth anniversary. Awards were given to individuals identified by the ministry as having made noteworthy contributions to the venue in terms of performances or productions.

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Sharing a story about the high value of aluminium in industrial production and noting that aluminium gifts are usually given to mark tenth wedding anniversaries, Gadsby-Dolly said, “It is evident to me and I hope that it is to you that NAPA is to the cultural landscape what aluminium is to the industrial world.”

“The tenth anniversary was deserving of a royal touch thus the idea of the night’s gala awards was born,” said Dolly. Comedienne Rachel Price was given an appreciation award for individual performance while former Calypso monarch Kurt Allen was recognized for his productions at the venue.

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East Indian classical music and sitar master Mungal Patassar was honoured for his contribution to music while Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Song Yumin, received an award on behalf of the Embassy for its cultural productions at the venue. Dolly said all award recipients contributed to making NAPA a culturally significant entity

“I congratulate all awardees who inspire new creative visions to this auditorium. NAPA‘s architectural distinctiveness along with the calibre of productions emanating from this auditorium (Lord Kitchener Auditorium) make it one that rivals the most symbolic, contemporary performing spaces around the world,” Gadsby-Dolly said

Saying NAPA‘s location already had historical significance with Lord Kitchener‘s review tent once located on the site, Dolly added, “Such magnificent world class venue will forever change the way we experience cultural presentations

“Allow me to mention the effuse praise that came from the region during the recently held Carifesta when so many of the region’s artistes were very proud to grace the NAPA stage. They still remain in awe of our facilities that we have been celebrating here for the last ten years.”

Guests were treated to a variety of musical and theatrical performances including a musical piece by Natalia Dopwell and the National Philharmonic Orchestra ensemble; a medley of Lord Kitchener‘s music by Krisson Joseph and an excerpt of the play “Amen Corner” by the National Theatre Arts Company featuring Professor Hayward Mickens.