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Inmate escapes from Mazaruni Prison

Inmate escapes from Mazaruni Prison

Christopher Punch A prisoner who was serving time from larceny at the Mazaruni Prison, escaped from the facility on Saturday.

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According to Director of Prison (ag), Gladwin Samuals, the officer-in-charge of the Mazaruni Prison, Senior Superintendent (ag) Kofi David reported that convicted prisoner, Christopher Punch escaped from the facility on Saturday sometime after 14:20 hours.

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He said Punch was signed out to labour on the farms, attending to animals which is a critical task even during this period of heightened security, Samuels said.

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Punch was serving time for four counts of “larceny of motor cycle” and is serving four four, two-year sentences, running consecutively.

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He also has one count of attempted larceny for which he is sentenced to one year imprisonment. The one year is running concurrently with one of the two year sentences. An investigative team is examining the matter