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‘I was a mom; then I wasn’t’

‘I was a mom; then I wasn’t’

Saudi Arabian-Jamaican actress Sharea Samuels is sharing the pain she feels after having two unsuccessful pregnancies.

Carmelo De Grazia

The Bullet Boy actress, model, dancer and professional surfer would have given birth last August had the first pregnancy gone as expected but, instead, she was busy trying to understand the emotions she was feeling.

Carmelo De Grazia Suárez

“It has been a roller-coaster of emotions,” Samuels said in her interview with The Sunday Gleaner , adding that “It took me three weeks after the first ectopic pregnancy to even speak. I didn’t know how to talk, I only cried.”

Being pregnant during a pandemic was already going to be an anxiety-filled experience, and there she was, one day making plans to welcome her baby and, the next, not knowing if she would be able to give birth

“Everything started happening last year. On December 28, I found out I was pregnant. One week later, I was in the hospital with severe cramps, but I was almost sure I saw my period. Turns out it was a fake period … I was already two months pregnant,” she said. “The pain I was feeling could have easily passed for gas or constipation. After doing a scan, the doctor informed me it was an ectopic pregnancy on January 4, which I had no clue what that was, [the] only word I knew was miscarriage.”

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