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NJAM to hold panel discussion tonight on alleged abduction and disappearance of Kernisha Etienne

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NJAM to hold panel discussion tonight on alleged abduction and disappearance of Kernisha Etienne

The National Joint Action Movement (NJAM) will hold a virtual panel discussion at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday 29th June to address concerns related to the alleged abduction/kidnapping and disappearance of twelve-year-old Kernisha Etienne of Warner.

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The participants in the panel discussion are attorneys at law Singoalla Blomquist-Williams, Cara Shillingford and John Elue Charles and former senior police officer Nicholas George.

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The topic for discussion “Best Practice in handling crisis situation; kidnapping, abduction and hostage taking: The sad situation of Kernisha Etienne,

NJAM is very much concerned about the well–being of the child and though faced with the reality that only a miracle will discover her alive, all efforts must be made to continue the search for Kernisha Etienne to bring closure to the matter.

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In this regard, NJAM appeals to the authorities to continue the search and to deploy all the necessary resources and to seek the assistance of our regional neighbors and further afield to help us to bring closer to this very sad situation.

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The panel discussion will. Focus on how to prevent future incidents of that type considering that criminal activities are usually replicated with the copycat syndrome

It must be noted that an invitation was extended to the Commissioner or a representative of the Commonwealth of Dominica police service to participate

NJAM continues to appeal to all Dominicans to remember Kernisha Etienne in their prayers and to stop the politicization of a situation where the entire country is hurting

The panel discussion will be streamed live on Zoom and broadcast on Q95FM radio. All media houses are encouraged to stream the event on their respective platforms